JB and Megan's beautiful day!

JB and Megan are an amazing couple to work with and I had a blast shooting the wedding alongside Krystal Switzer and Libby Ross.

Here are a few of my shots from their special day!

What a location! Stunning views of the lake and on such a wonderful day! Could not have worked out any better! 

This young lady was so incredibly cute. She had the most intriguing look on her face during the ceremony. A mixture of mischief and amazement. One can only guess what she was actually thinking about at this moment.

The location was at JB's parents house on the lake. It was a wonderfully beautiful location for a wedding.  

We asked if they would go out onto the dock to take some nice silhouette pictures. Even while we were setting up, their feelings for each other were amazing to behold. Little did we know what would take place only moments later!

This was completely unexpected. We were hoping to shoot some silhouettes of JB and Megan, but she had different plans! 

Poor JB, completely soaked! 

This was the furthest in the water that Megan would go, but I certainly couldn't pass this moment up! 

Everyone was having a wonderful time! 

Here is the flower girl from earlier, easily garnering attention from everyone! She was absolutely adorable.