Jim and Kellyanne - Everett Wedding Photography

There is only so much you can do to make sure your wedding day comes off perfect. Jim and Kellyanne's gorgeous wedding at the Everett Golf and Country Club was a perfect example of that since it happened to coincide with one of the bigger windstorms in the last few years. When the venue lost power it could have been a nightmare, but not with these two. Despite the power outage and wedding party members getting stuck in traffic behind fallen trees, their motto of the day was "It is what it is, let's have a blast regardless". And have a blast they did! Jim and Kellyanne share so much love for each other and their families, it was truly wonderful to behold. From a technical standpoint, it was definitely one of the hardest weddings I have ever shot, but I thoroughly enjoyed the challenge. The love and happiness these two share together made it an absolutely incredible day. I wish these two, their families, and friends nothing but the best for the future.

Here is a small glimpse at the incredibly beautiful and memorable day these two got to share with their friends and family. 


I would like to thank Jim and Kellyanne for letting me capture this stunning day for you!