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As a Professional

My name is Michael Hitchner and I am a 32-year old professional photographer currently based out of Bellingham, Washington.

I have been photographing weddings and engagements professionally for six years. I am, first and foremost, incredibly passionate about the craft of photography, and I believe in the power of capturing moments that arise in priceless occasions such as in weddings. 

As my client, my goal is to provide you with ease and confidence in knowing that you will have lasting images from one of the biggest days in your new life together. I am experienced, skilled, and knowledgeable about the craft itself, and I have shot numerous weddings. Each wedding has taught me something important and has enabled me to become the competent professional I am today. 

More importantly though, I want you to know that I am passionate about telling stories through photographs. In photographing your wedding, my utmost goal is to tell yours. I know how important it is to you, and on your wedding day, it will be just as important to me.  



About the second photographer *optional*
*By Summer of 2019, all packages will come with a second photographer


A bit about me, personally! 

If there's one thing you should know about me other than of my love of photography, it is that I am passionate about the outdoors and the environment! I am very lucky that both of these passions go together. If you click on the LANDSCAPES tab, you can check out some of my other work!

My goal in these images is to encourage others to get out there and explore their own environment. In these adventures outdoors, I hope that they are inspired to respect, appreciate, and care for the natural beauty on this planet. After all, we come from nature. We live in it, and we inevitably will return to it. Our greatest and best legacy must be the preservation and protection of what is left on what is currently our one and only home. 

Aside from being a strong advocate for the environment, I love hiking, road trips, dogs, cold weather, camping, National Parks, and glorious sunsets.