South Fork Nooksack Flow Accumulation

This map shows the expected flow accumulation locations based on the slope direction within each cell. This mirrors the shape of the South Fork Nooksack river and is the first step in creating a stream network within the watershed.


South Fork Nooksack Flow Direction

This map displays the direction of flow on each slope within the watershed based on the input digital elevation model (DEM).

South Fork Nooksack Flow Length

This map displays the total length of flow from stream to the outlet for the South Fork Nooksack watershed.

South Fork Nooksack Stream Order

This map shows the order for the streams within the watershed. An increase in stream order only occurs when two equal order streams merge. So a 3rd order stream meeting 2nd order stream does not result in a 4th order stream. A 4th order stream only occurs when two 3rd order streams combine.

South Fork Nooksack Sub-Watersheds

Once the stream order has been found, it is possible to calculate the sub-watersheds within the South Fork Nooksack watershed. Based on the criteria used in the analysis process the South Fork Nooksack has 7 sub-watersheds.

South Fork Nooksack Stream Segments

This map shows the level of stream segmentation within the watershed. Each segment is defined through an analysis of the flow accumulation and the stream network.

South Fork Nooksack Catchments

This map shows the individual catchments that subdivide the sub-watersheds within the watershed.