Map Portfolio

This is a sample of the maps that I made for ENVS 420 (GIS III - Analysis and Modeling) at Western Washington University. Click “Learn More” to find out more about any of the maps.


Road Waterway Crossings in Whatcom County Watersheds

An examination of road crossings of streams and rivers in Whatcom County.


Yellowstone Caldera - Area of Expected 1cm Ash Fall

Visualization of area that is expected to receive 1cm of ash fall in the event of a Yellowstone Caldera eruption.


Vulnerable Population Proximity to Hazardous Sites

Analysis of vulnerable populations and their proximity and exposure to hazardous sites in King County.


Trade Route Predictions in the North Cascades

Analysis of potential routes through the North Cascades using least cost analysis based on slope and proximity to streams and rivers.


Current and Future Climate Envelope for Sitka Spruce

An analysis of current and future climate envelopes for the Sitka Spruce in western North America.