Rialto Beach

Rialto Beach is located on the Olympic Peninsula of Washington State. The area is absolutely beautiful, yet the crowds do not convey this fact as it is 4 hours away from the Seattle area. Despite the distance, it is worth every minute of the trip there and back.

Here are a few shots from my visits. 

The drive to Rialto Beach can be absolutely spectacular when done early in the morning or during sunset.  This shot was taken about 45 minutes before sunset.

A river empties into the Pacific Ocean along Rialto Beach. During the drive in to the beach, the road follows along the river. 

Driftwood shelter on Rialto Beach at sunrise near La Push, WA. 

Hole in the wall, a natural tunnel formation on Rialto Beach near La Push, WA. 

Two people and a dog walking into the fog on Rialto Beach.