People's Climate March, Seattle WA

I had the opportunity to participate in the Seattle People's Climate march on Sunday. It was a great turnout, especially as I had only just heard about it a couple days prior and I am sure others were in the same boat! I am also incredibly happy about the immense turnout in New York. With a UN summit occurring this week, hopefully some real and substantial changes begin to take hold. The status quo will not change without the actions of huge numbers of people. That is the only way to bring about the change in mindset and process that is required to create the necessary change. 

Jess Spear addressing the People's Climate march in Seattle on Sunday. September 21, 2014.

A flag seen at the PEople's Climate march in Seattle, WA on September 21, 2014. 

The march and its message drew diverse support from the community.

Jess Spear continues her address of the crowd that gathered before the People's Climate march began. Seattle, WA.

Adults listen to the speakers at a people's Climate rally in Seattle, WA. Meanwhile, children climb up high to get a view of the speaker and the crowd.  September 21, 2014.

A sign referencing a statement made by Ban Ki-Moon. The statement, "there is no “Plan B” for action as there is no “Planet B” was made during the largest climate march in history in New York City. 

People march down the streets of Seattle during the People's Climate March. September 21, 2014.