Frame by Frame

Formula Drift Seattle - A Little Bit of Everything

This stop had a little something for everyone. From beautiful driving, to unexpected outcomes, and big crashes, Seattle was quite an event. The conditions also were changing constantly and would go from wet to dry to wet again throughout the day. However, through it all, Fredric Aasbo seemed at ease in the changing conditions. Leaving Seattle with a win was a great accomplishment for him and it puts him in a great place leading into Round 6 in Texas. Though Aasbo came out on top, A lot of drivers had some beautiful runs, and there were a lot of amazing(and some not so amazing) moments. Here are just a few.

Ken Gushi warming up for qualifying on day 1 of Formula Drift Seattle. 

Dan Savage in his SIKKY Racing RX8.

Forrest Wang heading toward the last corner after some contact with a competitor.

Dean "Karnage" Kearney warming up his tires on day 1 of Formula Drift Seattle.

Bakchis and Gushi crossing the finish line after a great run at Formula Drift Seattle.

Daijiro Yoshihara Sliding around the last corner. 

Denofa going door to door with Field in the 2nd to last corner at Formula Drift Seattle.

Chelsea Denofa talking about his upcoming round of 32 head to head drive on day 2 of Formula Drift Seattle.

Chelsea Denofa drifting through turn 1 which is a high speed banked corner at Formula Drift Seattle.

Dean Kearney finishing off a run in style at Formula Drift Seattle.

Kristaps Bluss leading Ryan Tuerck into the final corner, laying smoke all the way through the course.

Even dogs love drifting. 

Kristaps Bluss making Ryan Tuerck work extra hard at Formula Drift Seattle. 

Kyle Mohan slaying rubber at Formula Drift Seattle.

Patrick Gooden and Fredric Aasbo dueling in the round of 32. Lots of smoke in this series!

Kyle Mohan in his GT Radial RX8 navigating through the smoke being poured off of Alec Hohnadell's GetNuts S14.

Ryan Tuerck making it look easy in turn 2 of Formula Drift Seattle. 

Justin Pawlak in his Falken/Roush Mustang, before the infamous encounter with Tyler McQuarrie.

Alec Hohnadell chasing down Kyle Mohan at Formula Drift Seattle.

Kyle Mohan's rotary powered 1000hp RX-8.

Dean Kearney and Vaughn Gitten Jr. sliding around turn 1 at Formula Drift Seattle. 

Masashi Yokoi leading Patrick Gooden through the final corner during the round of 32 at Evergreen Speedway near Seattle, WA.

Masashi Yokoi charging through the finish framed through the barrier fence near the end of the course at Evergreen Speedway.

Fredric Aasbo and Dan Savage tearing up the track during the round of 32. Aasbo would go on to win the event.

Daigo Saito completely obscuring his opponent in smoke during the round of 32 at Formula Drift Seattle. 

Alec Hohnadell on lead while Kyle Mohan chases during the round of 32 at Evergreen Speedway in Monroe, WA. 

One of the definitive fan favorites, "Mad Mike" Whiddett in his RADBUL rotary miata. 

Ryan Tuerck signing a worn tire during the PRO autograph session on Friday.

Odi Bakchis leaving a smoke trail for Vaughn Gittin Jr. to follow at Evergreen Speedway for Formula Drift Seattle. 

Some slight contact between Vaughn Gittin Jr. and Odi Bakchis around the last corner at Formula Drift Seattle. 

Mad Mike leaving the entire track covered in smoke during a one more time lead run against Forrest Wang. 

His next time through on lead against Forrest on their 2nd OMT, and again with an entire track full of smoke. 

Ryan Tuerck having some trouble during the round of 32 in Seattle. 

Matt Field doing his best to obliterate tires. 

Patrick Gooden leads while Fredric Aasbo shadows his every move at Formula Drift Seattle. 

Fredric Aasbo leading through turn 1 at Formula Drift Seattle.

Michael Essa doing his best to mimic Fredric Aasbo in the 2nd to last corner at Evergreen Speedway. 

Mad Mike's RADBUL getting a checkup during the 2 OMT battle with Forrest Wang. 

Ryan Tuerck making sure he needs a new set of tires on his next run. 

Chelsea Denofa chasing after Fredric Aasbo on the long banked turn 1. 

Fredric Aasbo laying down a smokescreen just before the rain starts to fall at Evergreen Speedway during the round of 8. 

Vaughn Gittin Jr. leading Mad Mike Whiddett through the end of turn 1 at Evergreen Speedway. 

Kyle Mohan leads Alec Hohnadell close to the wall out of turn 1 at Evergreen Speedway. 

Ryan Tuerck chasing after Geoff Stoneback during round of 32 in Seattle. 

Ken Gushi's team working on his car between runs at FD Seattle. 

Ken Gushi's FRS

Ryan Tuerck and Chris Forsberg having a great time at the autograph session. 

Aasbo, Hohnadell and Pawlak round out the 1st, 2nd, and 3rd places, respectively.