Portraits of a Northwest Icon

A selection of photographs from my recent trip to Mount Rainier National Park. Click on an individual photo to enlarge it.

Get Outside

Whether it is for a minute, a day, or longer, try to find time to immerse yourself in the outdoors. The clean air, reduced distractions, and unadulterated beauty are not only wonderful to behold but can actually improve your state of mind and health. And on the same token, it is imperative that we keep our natural spaces free from human destruction. These places serve to keep us sane in a world full of constant multitasking and endless stimuli. However, corporations view these spaces as sources of profit. Whether it is what is on the ground or in the ground, these areas are seen not for their importance to the whole, but to a select few. These areas are beneficial to each and every one of us, and it is up to us to protect them. Whether you make it out into the wild daily or once in a blue moon, the importance of these areas only grows as they continue to shrink the world over.

Stream in the Cascade Mountains near Snoqualmie Pass, WA.

Stream in the Cascade Mountains near Snoqualmie Pass, WA. 

A Hike Toward Serenity

For those who enjoy hiking, this is a must if you are in the western Washington area at some point. The few times I have been up here it has been gorgeous and clear, but I hope someday to do this hike on a foggy day and get some shots out over the lowlands covered in fog while the mountains rise above it. The trail has in my opinion some of the most beautiful scenery in Washington and is a wonderfully enjoyable 8-10 mile hike.

Check out more information here:   http://www.wta.org/go-hiking/hikes/lake-serene  

Some photos of the most recent visit: 

Stream alongside the Lake Serene trail on Mount Index, WA. 

View from Mount Index on the way up to Lake Serene in the Cascade Mountains of Washington state. 

Lake Serene lies underneath the cliffs of the summit of Mount Index in Washington state. 

Nature in its unadulterated simplicity and beauty. 

View along the trail heading back from Lake Serene.