One Small Step

A comparatively small but significant step on our journey into the cosmos the moon represents one of the greatest milestones in the Earth's history. A time when life from our planet stood on another world and looked back at our tiny planet in an ocean of eternity.

The journey into the cosmos is not felt by one people or one nation, but by all people. The exploration of space brings us all closer together as we learn more about how minute we are in  comparison with the vastness of the cosmos. This more than anything else shows that we are one people, one planet regardless of superficial differences. We are earth, a tiny blue planet orbiting one of billions upon billions of stars in the universe.

The moon taken with a 400mm F/5.6L on a Canon 5D Mark III on a tripod.  

The moon taken with a 400mm F/5.6L on a Canon 5D Mark III on a tripod.  

Science Cafe Seattle

On Tuesday I had the opportunity to see Melissa Rice, PhD. talk on her experience with the Mars rover programs. The turnout was incredible, it is really exhilarating seeing such a huge interest in science. Melissa Rice is an inspirational speaker and the work she is involved with is incredible. Big thanks to the Planetary Society and Pacific Science Center for putting on such a great Science Cafe!

Packed house at T.S. McHugh's in Seattle.

Melissa Rice, PhD. fielding questions on Mars and the rover programs.